Lelet NY

I’ve got to thank hairstylist extraordinaire Kristin Ess for introducing me to Lelet NY via Snapchat. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, designer Sara Bieler Sasson is raising the bar with her modern and refreshing take…

Cornelius Völker

I love the work of Germain painter Cornelius Völker, particularly his hair portrait series. He brings an almost abstract quality to each piece with his saturated and heavy brushstrokes. Drama!

The Undone Half Done

Wait! Before you pull your ponytail all the way through that elastic, leave it alone and allow it to be undone. Effortless and a tad messy . . . that’s the way we like it.


Most of us are all too familiar with that not-quite-mid-length, should-I-grow-it-out-or-just-go-short-again do? Turns out the shoulder sweeping, collar-bone length bob can be a beautiful thing . . .

Salt Spray = Beach Waves

Growing up just a couple miles from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, I never really understood the obsession with so-called “beach waves” until I no longer lived near the beach. Now that I’m in cooler climates…