Very Troubled Child

Italian finance lawyer Alberto Favaretto is a fan of Wes Anderson. So much so that he developed his own leather travel goods brand as an ode to the American filmmaker's best films - that includes everything, from the name Very Troubled Child, inspired by Moonrise Kingdom, as well as the luggage, inspired by The Darjeeling Limited. The Hong Kong based designer has released four leather luggage collections thus far, each numbered according to the style and embossed with nautical, bird, and safari motifs. The best part of it is that everything can be monogrammed, and in that iconic Wes Anderson Futura font, of course. I absolutely love this cheeky twist on classic, timeless luggage and think it makes the perfect gift for the holidays. Honey, are you reading this?


Very Troubled Child travel accessories and luggage $150 - $3000

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    I love the designs, and the leather looks so incredibly soft! Beautiful!

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  3. Zack wrote:

    I bought a belt from Anna at VeryTroubledChild and was pretty disappointed when I got down to the details. It’s the Savannah belt. The graphics are not all included–many of their heads are cut off. Worse, the belt buckle keeps detaching from the leather. The crimp of spikes into the leather won’t stay closed.

    Anna and I exchanged emails regarding this and her response was that she didn’t receive complaints from others. I didn’t then, and don’t now, understand what that has to do with the poor quality.

    • Zack (again) wrote:

      (I meant the poor quality of my belt)

    • Crow1 wrote:

      Bro thanks for this. I was gonna get a “jungle ” theme belt like in the darjeeling movie because it exuded luxury and fun detail. Then I decided to do some research. Came across this and now i wish to contact the people and tell them to take a picture of the belt before sending.

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