Wearing a white bra is like wearing white socks…a big ‘NO-NO’!  And years ago, Carrie Bradshaw proved that revealing your intimates can be tasteful and fun.  Here are some of our favorite bras that double as a second layer under loose tanks, sheer tees and backless tops:

(clockwise from top left: Free People Bandeau $20, Top Shop Bralet $40, Honeydew Bralette $30, Alexander Wang One Shoulder Bra $53, Only Hearts Bandeau $55, VPL Stripe Bra $85)

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  2. Bespoke Fashion Essentials For The Lazy Girl In You
    Ladies Home

    While there are ladies who are obsessing on mastering the freshest of trends, there will always be ladies out there who want to look fashionable. At the same time, they want to put the least effort into their bespoke fashion outfits.

    That’s alright, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being a lazy girl when it comes to bespoke fashion. It’s not easy to keep up with trends, and it is not a walk in the park when it comes to putting together your daily bespoke fashion outfit. That’s why we wanted to help you and create a foolproof list of bespoke fashion outfits for those lazy girls who still want to look chic even with minimal effort.

    Tips On How You Can Shop For Lazy Girl Bespoke Outfits
    Spring clean your wardrobe. Before anything else, sift through your wardrobe and remove all the uncomfortable clothing that you own. Bag it up and stuff it somewhere else other than your closet. Nope, you’re not going to throw this away, but the main purpose of this is to get those clothes out of your sight so that you can easily focus on the clothes that you want to wear. This will help you figure out what are your main preferences when it comes to clothes so that you can easily find which lazy girl outfits are your go-to’s.
    Focus on the stores or brands that you love. Most of the time, you will notice that you prefer clothes from the same store or brand. This means that you might have to stick to two to three brands of your favorite so that you don’t have to go through the process of looking for your clothes elsewhere.
    Opt for neutral palettes. A neutral palette is the safest way to go if you want to make sure that everything in your wardrobe will look good together. The pairing will be a breeze if you do this, and you can even get dressed even if you’re half-asleep!
    Have a signature color. It’s okay if there are moments that you want to stay away from your neutrals. Even lazy girls need to mix things up from time to time. Have a signature color and go ahead and reach for that if you’re craving for a little change.
    Easy on, easy off. Lazy girls usually hate anything hard to put on and take off. You might want to go easy on the buttons, snaps, and hooks. So you should stick with clothes that you can put on and put off in a matter of three seconds.
    Stick with machine-washable garments. Dry-cleaning can be a very annoying thing to do. Not only that, but it can also be an expensive and very tasking thing to do if you are going to do it regularly. Make sure that the garments that you are purchasing can easily be tossed in the washing machine without much effort.
    The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Bespoke Fashion
    Mom Jeans
    They’re slightly similar to boyfriend jeans, but a little less loose but still comfortable. These jeans can be easily styled by rolling it on the hems or a basic white tee or rolled cuffs. You can even go for a nice feminine looking blouse for a fancier look.

    bespoke fashion


    Button-less Polos
    Polos, whether men’s polos or women’s polos, you can both rock them easily even on lazy days. You can let your imagination go wild on this one because there are tons of ways to wear this outfit staple. You can knot it up like a cropped top, or wear them with high-waisted jeans for a chic vibe. Plus one on this button-less polo because it’s button-less!



    Leather Jackets
    This leather jacket is for men, but that doesn’t mean that lazy girls can’t wear it. While none of us are jumping on the back of a Harley anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cop the biker style. Oversized men’s jackets are a great way to spice up your outfit with this rocking piece of clothing.



    Denim Skirts
    Just like how denim jeans are very versatile when it comes to pairings, denim skirts are just the same. Consider it a shorter and daintier version of pants. You can go from a variety of tops and go nuts with it without looking messy and putting a lot of effort.



    Shirt Dresses
    Shirt dresses are a lazy girl’s best friend. They’re easy to put on and pull off, and they’re effortless to style as well. You just simply put them on, pick your favorite sneakers, accessorize a little–or feel free to forget about it, then head out. Easy peasy!



    Simple Things That Stylish Women Do Everyday
    When it doubt of all the tips written up there, there are still a couple of foolproof ways that you can incorporate in your daily routine to improve on your lazy girl ways. Here are some of the few:

    Plan your outfits ahead. If you have an essential occasion ahead of you, planning is the only magic trick that you can do to make things easier for you to plan your best outfit for that particular day. Pulling out your desired outfit the night before is usually enough to save you from panic the next morning.
    Give yourself enough time to get dressed. Anyone that’s running off late isn’t going to have the best time of their life when it comes to planning your outfits. Instead of waking up late and hitting the snooze button every time your phone blasts its alarm, make sure that you have enough time in the morning to prep and get dressed. Not only will you have a better day ahead with no panicking or last-minute mishaps, but you are also bound to look prepared and fantastic.
    Don’t forget to choose the right undergarments. Any woman would know that even their undergarments are crucial to looking good. Make sure that the undergarment that you are using can support you in the right places, such as going for the right bra, panties, and shapewear to enhance your curves in all the right ways.
    Even the easiest of bespoke fashion ensembles need a little work, but that’s okay!

  3. Edgy Bespoke Outfit Styles For That Rocker Chic Look
    Tips and Tricks

    Nobody will ever be too old to rock an edgy outfit. Whether you’re in your teenage years or your 40’s, there will always be a classic, edgy style that will suit you no matter what.

    Your sense of style is your personal preference. Nobody can tell you otherwise whether the bespoke outfit styles that you’re wearing suits you or not. As long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, nobody has the right to tell you otherwise.

    Not everyone is a fan of pastels, bows, and frilly prints. While they are technically pretty for some, others just want something that’s on the edgier side rather than the adorable side. Some women prefer skulls rather than flower designs, and some like black rather than pink. While others would simply associate edginess as unfavorable, the fashion world has deemed this style classy as well.

    The Classic Edgy
    A style is considered edgy if the usual boundaries of fashion are pushed to the limit. It is when a person doesn’t mind taking a risk with bold choices in their outfits by mixing and matching colors and patterns that aren’t mainstream.

    Gone are the days when edgy outfits are all about baggy, frumpy, grungy, and ghoulish gothic. Now, a lot of celebrities and fashion icons like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne are all rocking the edgy yet modern vibe of sophistication with this type of fashion.

    Here are some of the most common characteristics of edgy fashion:

    Darker colors
    Unconventional combinations of garments
    Classy and sophisticated
    Creating a statement
    How To Make Edgy Fashion Classy
    Edgy fashion is cool, but transforming it into something classy can make you feel sophisticated. It is possible to blend these two without compromising the edgy side of your aesthetics.

    Here are some of the ways that can help transform edginess into something classy:

    Use pearls. Pearls will always be deemed classy and elegant. If you mix this with edgy fashion, it can quickly transform your style into classy effortlessly. It also adds a layer of interest in your outfit that you are not just layering in dark colors but, instead, a more profound sense of style.
    Start small. If you want to continue wearing your edgy outfits even in the workplace, don’t go all out nervous. Workplace culture doesn’t always allow you to be edgy right off the bat. Instead, opt for conservative accessories and details in your bespoke outfit styles that harmoniously blends edginess and professionalism all in one. As long as there are small details of edginess to your style, that’s more than enough.
    Don’t forget your nails. Your nails are the best way to go for funky designs without compromising your integrity. You can always go for different nail arts and maps without going overboard with the edginess. Go for acrylic nails or gel polishes that have funky and unique designs.
    Tame the edges. Since you are trying to balance the edginess and classiness, you might want to tame the edges even just for a little. Even if you are wearing a black leather jacket, always opt for cleaner styles that still make you look chic and presentable.
    Edgy and Classy Bespoke Outfit Styles Recommendations
    The Skinny Jeans
    It all starts with the classic skinny jeans. Edgy fashion is all about the dark skinny jeans that are either in denim or leather. These tight-fitting jeans have a clean and sleek design that is a perfect balance of classiness without taking off the edgy style. Whether you prefer coated, mineral-washed, shredded, or plain jeans, if you want to rock an edgy outfit, you can’t do without these dark skinny jeans.

    bespoke outfit styles


    If you want something a little solid in color instead of dark-wash denim, then opt for these solid black pencil jeans instead.

    skinny pencil jeans


    The Classic Tee
    While graphic tees are still great options, you might want to keep things simple if you want a clean, edgy look. Go for shirts that are classic and fit nicely on your body without looking too baggy. These types of shirts usually offer a flattering touch to your outfit.



    If you want little frills on the side with your edgy bespoke outfit styles, you can always go for blouses that have a bit of feminine touch to it, such as this falbala blouse.



    The Jacket
    Aside from the usual leather jacket, you can easily cop an edgy style with any jacket that’s dark in color. Like this blazer coat, that’s available in black and navy blue.



    Since summer is almost approaching and you don’t want any cover-up that’s too thick in fabric, you can always opt for a dark-colored cardigan. Not only that, cardigans are a great way to look classy and chic, but they also add a pinch of edginess to your style.



    The Skirt
    If you are not a fan of skinny jeans, then this fancy short skirt is your next option. It offers a nice texture in your outfit that effortlessly balances your edgy look for a more sophisticated accent.



    Another alternative to skirts is shorts. This black ripped shorts with fringes are your best option when it comes to adding personality to your rockstar themed outfits. They’re also perfect for including in your summer favorites since they can be comfy for the upcoming warm weather. Who doesn’t love denim shorts, anyway?



    Leggings or Tights
    These fitted pair of bottoms are great if you want to add a layer of texture in your outfit. Others wear it underneath a skirt instead of wearing stockings underneath. Leggings and tights are also a great option if you don’t feel comfortable wearing pants.



    If you want to add an edge to your outfit, these ripped leggings are also an excellent option. Not only that it adds a touch of texture to your outfit, but it is also great if you want to use it underneath a skirt or a dress. These leggings can even be paired with nice knee-high leather boots for an edgier feel.



    Details In Your Clothes
    In general, you can still incorporate classy and edgy features in your outfit using the details of your clothes. It doesn’t always have to be too extreme. Still, you can always experiment on stabby, asymmetrical, textured, destroyed or ripped fabrics, cutouts, and even animal prints to give your outfit that edgy vibe using vintage items.

    Here are some details that you can go for:

    Zippers. Whether it’s in front of your neckline or the seams of your sweater, pants, and ankle seams, zippers can always create an overall edgy look in your outfit.
    Leather details. We all know how leather jackets can’t be worn in all seasons, so leather details in an outfit can be enough to create that edgy style. It doesn’t matter if the leather details aren’t the majority of the fabric.
    Studs. Studs have always been the epitome of rockstar vibes. However, if you are aiming for a classic look, you can go less on the quantity and scale of how flashy the stud details are in your clothes. You can even have them just in your shoes!
    Texture. Textures are essential when it comes to edgy outfits. If there are details such as destroyed or ripped fabrics, cutouts, and even meshes, they are considered edgy and stylish.
    The all-black ensemble. You can’t spell edgy unless you go with the majority of the color black in your bespoke outfit styles. Black is already edgy on its own.
    Edgy accessories. Anything that looks sharp, pointy, angular or stabby–or anything that has a triangular or diamond shape to them are considered edgy in terms of accessories. You can choose bags with details like this, and you can easily make your simple bespoke outfit styles into a classic, edgy style.
    Makeup. Your bespoke outfit styles consists of different factors, and this includes your makeup. While wearing heavy makeup and black lipstick isn’t exactly the traditional way to be edgy, you can always go for makeup looks that lean towards smokey eyes and nude lips. The perfect cat-eye eyeliner is also a great option if you want a put-together sassy look.
    The boots. If you want to create an edgy look without making too much effort, just go for black leather boots. Either you go with heeled boots or flat ones, opting for boots that are higher than your ankles would be perfect for a rockstar look.
    These are only some of the guidelines that you can use to seamlessly rock an edgy style. You can either add or create your unique ideas on how you can look classy and edgy at the same time. It all comes down to your preference which clothes make you feel and look your best. After all, fashion is all about expressing yourself uniquely.