A Lesson In Layering + Packing Necklaces

With the recent launch of her fall collection, abundant with a variety of layer-worthy chains, designer Amanda Thomas is dishing some of her essential tips on how to stack and mix her gorgeous charm necklaces, chokers, body chains and more. And ever wonder how to keep your delicate chains from tangling while traveling? Keep reading to find out!

1. Mix metals: Don’t be scared of mixing metals! It helps to mix necklaces that have a similar thickness – I love pairing several thin chain necklaces in both gold and silver and then breaking up the look with a couple of thin solid metal collars.


2. Dainty, dainty, dainty: You can wear as many dainty charm necklaces as you want – I like to keep them separated about an inch apart. Here, I paired two charm necklaces with a thin body chain, which is tucked under a cropped top for more subtlety.


3. Long layers: Layering isn’t limited only to charm necklaces. Try pairing a long pendant necklace with a lariat and a short fringe bib necklace. Not only does each piece hit all the best points of the neck and chest, the entire look has a really effortless vibe.


How travel with dainty jewelry: Whether your traveling with a few pairs of small earrings, chain necklaces, or getting a massage and need to store all your jewelry in your purse, Amanda has a little trick on how to pack your favorite pieces without getting them tangled. It only requires some tissue paper and a bobby pin!

1. Grab a piece of tissue paper and lay the piece of jewelry in the center.


2. Start folding the tissue paper over, going in a clockwise motion. Make sure to fold the edges in a clockwise motion order because it will ensure that no edges are open and the jewelry won’t slide out.


3. Once you get all the edges folded, grab a bobby pin, and slip it over the top of the tissue square.


4. Then throw it in your purse or makeup bag and you’re good to go! As an alternative, every customer that shops on LuvAj receives a small leather croc-embossed pouch for storing small jewelry!


(images by Claire Thomas)

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  1. Very helpful DIY 🙂 I love the layered look but don’t do it often enough. The third photo is lovely- I spy a hapinesswherever.wordpress.com DIY coming up for it soon… 😛

  2. Prudence wrote:

    Love all these ideas of how to layer necklaces for a stylish yet effortless style, beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Mun wrote:

    Gorgeous layering 🙂

  4. Jessy wrote:

    monogram necklace is so gorgeous and fashionable to wear

  5. I’m going to have these layering pieces like these for a subtle yet super chic look for my summer outfits! Instantly sophisticated! <3