DIY Simone Le Blanc’s Seasonal Ceremony Bundle

When Simone Le Blanc launched her gifting studio in 2012, she quickly took on the esteemed status of the ultimate gift giver. Every single product in her thoughtfully curated gift boxes are unique and of the best quality; but it’s her extra personal gestures, like reusable packaging and dried flower posies, that make the art of gift giving that much more special. I’m super excited to share a tutorial that Simone has exclusively created for HonestlyWTF: a beautiful, seasonal bundle of dried flowers, foliage and ceremonial Palo Santo. It’s the perfect addition to any holiday tablescape, or even a gift. I personally can’t wait to make this for my Thanksgiving table this year!

This is the time of year where moments to entertain seem to occur endlessly. One of my favorite ways to elevate a gathering and really make a tabletop feel like it’s your own is to add a foliage bundle to each place setting. They double as a simple takeaway gift and can even inspire a wonderful moment of conversation as everyone is seated. I love to think seasonal – build from what’s around you in your environment and create a concept that conveys the spirit of the gathering.

By incorporating touches of Palo Santo, hand painted foliage, dried flowers, juniper and oversized matched, I created a bundle that felt of the moment and that would also carry through to the holiday and New Year. Adding luminescent shine is meant to inspire moments of self reflection while graciousness of the natural wood incense felt in line with the seasonal moments of ceremony and celebration.

You’ll need:

  • seasonal foliage
  • Palo Santo
  • oversized matches
  • hemp twine, wrapped write or decorative ribbon
  • scissors
  • gold paint or gold spray paint

Gather seasonal foliage from your local flower market or neighborhood. Select and cut a variety of stem lengths to help create a more natural look. It’s nice to mix the textures, shades and sizes to add depth and interest. For example, here, I have a larger bunch of juniper and will layer two sticks of Palo Santo on top.

Then I’ll layer gold painted eucalyptus to the back and to the sides. This is where the smallest accent can come into play. Add seasonal pods or berries to tie the look together. Then add a smaller juniper branch to the front.

Tightly wrap a few times around with hemp twine.

Lay a pair of long matches on top and tie a few more times before tying the entire bundle into a double knot.

Voila! Your bundles are finished and ready to present to your guests.

Happy holidays, everyone!

(tutorial courtesy of Simone Le Blanc for HonestlyWTF; Simone Le Blanc gift sets are available here)

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    What a beautiful combination!

  2. Rena wrote:

    It looks absolutely perfect, thanks a lot for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Kimi wrote:

    I love this!

  4. Sassy wrote:

    Wow you got talent beautiful work

  5. igne27 wrote:
  6. Very beautiful! Love the way it looks, but I’ve never heard of a candle without wax. Learn something new everyday 🙂


  7. Thanks for sharing these dried flowers