DIY Embellished Slippers, 3 Ways

Honestly, I love this time of year. Is there anything better than cuddling up in knit sweaters, soft leggings and shearling everything? Despite the occasional warm winters in California, I manage to find good reason to slip into comfy slippers at home or chic furry sandals when I'm out. I've partnered with Zappos to celebrate their new Cozy Shop (all things soft and snuggly and JOMO instead of FOMO), and to bring you not just one, but three embellished slipper tutorials! Whether it be tiny star crystals, oversized colored gems or mini embroidered patches, embellishing on shearling or faux fur is actually quite easy. With the right technique and type of adhesive, you can add your own bit of charm to your cozy accessories.

When you order crystals, most of the time they'll come separated - crystal and setting. So, you'll have to set the crystals in their corresponding setting with a pair of flat nosed pliers. Simply place the crystal into its setting and use pliers to press the prongs down onto the crystal.

E6000 is absolutely, hand down, the best adhesive to use for a project like this. It's tacky enough so that your embellishment won't slip as it's drying and once it dries, it'll stay on forever - if it's applied right. I like using a toothpick to apply the adhesive. This allows you to control the amount of glue. In this case, you'll need a decent dollop of E6000 but not too much so that the adhesive will seep out once it's applied.

Then, use another clean toothpick to open up a space in the shearling for your embellishment. This step is important as you don't want to just place the crystal on top of material as thick as shearling. It'll just be floppy and potentially rip off during wear. With the toothpick, pull apart the shearling by creating a hole of sorts.

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Working quickly, place the crystal into that space. Use your finger and press down and hold it for at least 30 seconds before releasing.

Continue adding crystals - either in a pattern or at random. Allow to dry completely for at least 24 hours before wearing.


Blue + bling! I love the idea of tone on tone and these Ugg slippers are the perfect foundation for embellished slippers that, dare I say, a little extra. Again, these crystals came with settings so the first step is to set them.

Place the crystal in its setting and use flat nosed pliers to close the prongs onto the crystal.

Place the crystal into a pool of E600. You can use a toothpick to remove any excess glue. With a heavy, large crystal and lightweight faux fur, you won't nee to use a toothpick to make room for the crystal. This is why a little bit of excess glue is important here.

Press the crystal onto the slipper, squeezing the center of the crystal against the fur. You'll actually want some of the excess glue to ooze out from the sides. With such a large crystal, you'll want the fur to butt up against the edges of the crystal. So if a bit of glue oozes out, just use your fingers and press the surrounding fur against the edge of the crystal.

To add smaller crystals, you'll want to use a clean toothpick to make room for it. Continue adding crystals and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.


Another treatment for shearling or faux fur slippers is attaching mini appliqués! I found this lot of tiny embroidered patches on Etsy and applied them using - you guessed it, E6000. Use a toothpick to apply a modest dollop of adhesive.

Press the appliqué onto the slipper and hold for at least 20 seconds before releasing. Continue adding appliqués and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.


this post was created in partnership with Zappos. all opinions are my own photography and videos by Andrea Posadas.

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