Threads of various colors and textures wrapped around driftwood . . ....


We’ve got folders and folders of images that honestly inspire us, so we’re takin’ to Tumblr to share the love! Check it out, follow us, and bookmark it here. Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend! xx…

Snow Day

Another beautiful image from our favorite Downtown From Behind. I’m hoping the “wintry mix” lets up a bit when Lauren and I head out to New York next week! (image from here)


Happy New Year, everyone! An enormous “THANK YOU!”  for supporting and following HonestlyWTF. These first few months have been a total blast and we can’t wait to ride the 2011 wave with you. Honestly, you guys…

Merry Happy

Ornaments are one of the many things I love most about Christmas; I can honestly marvel at them for hours. Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday! (images by Honestly…WTF)