Sketching Like Leah Goren

Is it too late to add a goal to my long list of summer to-dos? After taking courses via Skillshare earlier this summer, I discovered my desire to improve my illustration skills – or rather, lack there of. I like the idea of keeping a sketchbook and maintaining consistent paint to paper practice, as illustrator Leah Goren encourages in her online course. It’s amazing to see how she’s been able to apply her illustrations to different forms, like wallpaper, ceramics, pins and even a pair of super cute boxing gloves! A future career as a illustrator is highly unlikely but I’m officially inspired to nurture this creative experiment. I’m on my way to the art store . . .

(images via Leah Goren’s Instagram; register here for a free course in Leah’s Skillshare class)

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  1. suz wrote:
  2. Michelle wrote:

    Her artwork is wonderful! I always dream of just spending a few hours sitting in one place and sketching people! I am just not talented enough for that I guess!

  3. kim wrote:

    wow the gloves are awesome and so is skill share!
    water color work always looks so pretty

    I just wrote a post on drawing a floral print on my ipad 🙂

  4. Love these, especially the gloves!