Sarah Moon

In the 1960s, Sarah Moon (fashion photographer and filmmaker) discovered Ansco’s GAF500 film while living in Paris.  Contrary to popular thought, she appreciated the unconventional saturated and ultra grainy look of the film; and as a result she’s carved out her own niche of photography.  Alluring, mysterious, and seductive, her signature style is incredibly inspiring.  Fun fact: in 1972, she was the first female photographer to shoot for the Pirelli Calendar.  Amazing.

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  1. Ooh, this is beautiful. I’ve never heard of Sarah Moon. Thanks!

  2. oh I love her work!! its all so inspiring, thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. emily Patterson wrote:

    Hi. I stumbled upon your beautiful site and thought I’d share some random information. After researching a print that my mom gave me by the artist Christine Rosamond.. I found out that Sarah Moon was so inspired by Rosamond (who passed away) that the style is now attributed to Moon. Here’s the kicker: Sarah Moon was really an Iranian man who made a fortune off of Rosamond’s legacy.

  4. jdm-art wrote:

    Emily, that is so incredibly unfair, and inaccurate.
    To be clear, the photographer Sarah Moon, who’s work is shown here, is NOT the artist, Sara Moon (note the H in SaraH). The photographer is an ex-model who found her fortune the other side of the lens – and is well worthy of it for sure. ‘Sara Moon’ is the professional name of the Iranian born, German National, artist Bijan Djamalzadeh who was commissioned to paint in the style of Christine Rosamond by Red Baron Publishing in LA. Within two years he moved to Verkerke and his work became markedly different and is very different again today. The two, Bijan and Christine were competing for gallery space at the same moments in time and so no ‘legacy’ yet existed.

    And anyway, very often, more than one person adopt similar styles and each make their own way and (if they are lucky) make their own living: Rosamond/Moon, Dylan/Donavon, Elvis/Cliff, Bush/Amos and so on.