Day 8: Bryr Clogs

You know that if I own four of anything, it’s that good. Whether you’re a fan of clogs or not, the moment you step into a pair of Bryr clogs, you know you’ve stepped into a thoughtfully handcrafted pair of shoes. And trust me when I say you’ll instantly fall in love. Each of designer Isobel Schofield‘s clogs are made in her beautiful San Francisco workshop, by a small team of artisans, which is coincidentally housed in a old, former clog factory from decades ago. Buttery soft leather, carefully chosen in a variety of beautiful hues, wraps your feet against a Linden wood base, which means these featherweight clogs are built to be comfortable and wearable. And it’s the little details that add that right amount of charm with wrap up laces, fringe, peep toes, buckles, tassels and the most flattering cutouts. If you’re ever in San Francisco, I implore you to visit Isobel’s studio, which is open a couple of days a week to walk-in clients. You’re actually encouraged to design your own clogs by finding the right size, picking one of two heel heights, choosing from a plethora of leather samples, and then selecting one of several styles. It’s so fun, I dare you to walk away with just one pair. But until you make that visit, we’re giving you an opportunity to customize you’re own pair of Bryr clogs from the fall collection! Simply leave a comment below, check out Isobel’s awesome Instagram and a winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, December 15th. Good luck! ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED. CONGRATS TO AMBER I!

(Bryr Clogs $258 – $268)

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