The Original Surf Art

Even before he founded Surfer Magazine in 1960, John Severson was a professional surfer, talented filmmaker and well respected artist. In fact, his paintings and sketches of Hawaii-California surf culture are regarded as the original surf art. After launching his artistic career in the late 50s, he eventually went on to be inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame and published several books. Talk about the ultimate surf culture artist – what a legend and talent.


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Monogram Mania

It may not come as a surprise that I love personalization. I mean, I’m never one to turn down the option to customize something. Anything! That’s why I’m crushing hard on Mark & Graham‘s latest collection, which includes sleek and structured bucket bags, chic leather tassel key chains, gorgeous stationary sets and and handsome board games – each of which is available for monogramming in a wide range of typography. And as much as I adore personalization by way of monogramming, it shouldn’t always be restricted to one’s initials. Play around with three letter words or acronyms for that fun and unexpected twist . . . or hey, just skip the monogramming all together. I won’t judge. Head over to Mark & Graham to check out the full list of all my current must-haves!



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Canadian artist Yuliya‘s watercolors evoke such a feeling of familiarity and warmness, that I can’t help but get lost in each one. I love the somewhat distorted perspective and the complexity in an otherwise simple subject matter.



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