What A Racquet

I am constantly blown away by the creative way in which people repurpose things. Who knew that the same vintage tennis and badminton racquet, that I’m always spotting at thrift stores, make for the perfect canvas for embroidery? Danielle Clough did. The South African fiber artist has embroidered a series of colorful flowers on the strings of old racquets. Genius.  

danielle clough | HonestlyWTF

danielle clough | HonestlyWTF

danielle clough | HonestlyWTF


Erdem Pre-Fall 2016

Leave it to Erdem Moralioglu to breathe such refined beauty and modern romance into demure silhouettes inspired by the Edwardian era, flowers as basic as carnations, and something as overplayed as ostrich feathers. Everything he touches turns to pure gold. If only my life was occupied by balls, galas, and weddings . . . it would be Erdem, always.



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American Textiles

I’ve always been fascinated by the manufacturing process – the maker in me has an obsession with seeing how things are made. Christopher Payne‘s photographic series Textiles gives us a rare peek inside the few remaining textile mills in America’s Northeast. The architect trained photographer spent 5 years exploring and documenting mills that date back as far as the Civil War. From a lace factory in Rhode Island to Woolrich’s original woolen mill in Pennsylvania, each photo has me utterly captivated. It’s humbling to see the amount of complex detail and precision it takes to create the clothing on our backs and the rugs under our feet. And just look at this photo of the bright fuchsia wool being carded . . . doesn’t it make you want to reach out and touch it?!


Made in USA: Textiles

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Annie Costello Brown

It was a pair of oversized, oxidized blue earrings that first drew me to LA based designer Annie Costello Brown‘s warrior-like earrings. Each piece is hand cut and hammered out of burnished brass and silver – and as bold and audacious as they are, these dusters have a weightless and delicate quality about them. I’d love to see her experiment with more color oxidations but in the meantime, I might just treat myself to those indigo stunners . . .


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Layered Rugs

I’ve amassed an excessive collection of small Turkish kilims and ethnic, handwoven rugs over the years – all of which are just piling up in a storage closet. I can’t help it, I’m addicted to textiles! And now that most of our neutral colored area rugs are in place throughout the home, it’s time to bring them out to add warmth to each room by way of color and pattern. I love the look of smaller, colorful rugs over a larger sisal or jute rug. Lauren loves to layer several small rugs together for that boho, patchwork style carpet. Either way, here’s a collection of photos to help inspire your own room makeover:



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