Casa Cook

Just off the Anatolian coast of Turkey, lies the island of Rhodes. It’s the capital of the Dodecanese islands and home to one of the oldest and best preserved medieval towns in Europe. It’s also where Abe and I spent a part of our honeymoon nearly 5 years ago. We’ve recently mulled over the idea of returning to Turkey and the Greek isles someday but now, after discovering the island’s stunning newcomer, Casa Cook, I’m jonesing to make travel plans ASAP. With each of the 90 rooms boasting direct pool access, hammocks scattered throughout and the Aegean Sea just a bike ride away, this rustic chic resort seems like a little slice of heaven.






Kule Stripes N°2

Inspired by all of the past icons, like Picasso, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, that equally loved the classic French marinière, Nikki Kule continues to perfect the ultimate striped tee with her range of fits and colors. We’re especially loving the Modern fit for it’s boxy style and it’s makeup of lightweight, tissue-like cotton – perfect for summer! Stripes for life, y’all.




Bell Tents

It all started with a mission to get the family out on a camping excursion this summer. Then one thing lead to another, as things do while searching on the interweb, and before you know it, I was sucked into the world of bell tents. We all know there are services that offer rentals of these pitched canvas tents but what I’m really juiced about is the idea of owning one. With mild California temperatures, there’s really no reason why there shouldn’t be a bell tent pitched in our backyard all year round. How fun would that be?!



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