Janessa Leoné Mini

Hold. The. Phone. Hat maker Janessa Leoné just launched a collection of hats for the littles. Eep! Brilliant. Honestly, they’re the cutest things I’ve seen all year. Not to mention, the styling of the lookbook is so on point. Five classic styles, like the straw boater and wool fedora, have been shrunk to fit those tiny, adorable heads. No doubt, I’m getting one for Coco . . . but which should I choose??


DIY Embroidered Hoodie

Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly find another medium to embroider, I’ve developed a recent obsession with hooded sweatshirts – thus, an equally consuming fixation on embellishing them. I think it’s such a great way to give an otherwise mundane article of clothing some much needed life. The extra wide ties on Zara‘s oversized hoodies inspired me to take my embroidery to new, vertical heights. The split stitch is my embroidery stitch of choice here. It’s great for small designs and lettering with tight curves. Plus, it’s quick and super easy. If you’re looking to DIY your holiday gifts this year, this is a great option!


Hyperrealistic Cacti

Take a good look at these cacti portraits. Like real good . . . go ahead, zoom in super tight. A pretty high powered camera must have been used to capture all those details, right? Well, would you believe me if I told you these were paintings?? I know. Crazy. We’ve previously featured Kwang-Ho Lee‘s photo realistic paintings and continue to be blown away by his new work. I can’t over the way he’s able to depict the most minute details with a tip of a paintbrush. This is an artist who’s process I’d die to see. Amazing.


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