I must admit when Grace, of The Stripe, suggested that we each try making our own Markus Lupfer-inspired sequined sweater, I was uncertain. Attempting to attach tons of tiny sequins onto a sweater seemed difficult and downright messy. But I’m known to never turn down a DIY challenge and after the first successful attempt, I’m happy to report that this tutorial isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems. Because I chose a design that covered a lot of surface area, using sequin trim was a huge time saver. Thank you, Grace, for motivating me to just go for it!

You’ll need:

Print the pattern at 100% scale. Cut out the pattern and position the ears on the center of the sweater. Trace the outline with a fabric marker or pen.

Run a very thin line of glue along the inside of the outline. I like to work a few a inches at a time. Lay the black sequin trim over the glue and gently pat it down into the sweater. Continue adding glue and trim until the outline is complete. Cut the trim with scissors and glue the last sequin down with a small drop of glue.

Continue onto the next color. Run the next line of glue close to the previous row of sequins. Using the pattern as guideline, trim the sequins and glue down accordingly.

Fill in the rest of the empty space with white sequins. Don’t worry if some sequins fall off the ends of the trim as they can be fixed later.

Continue gluing and don’t forget to use the tweezers to help with tight areas.

Once both ears are filled in, add any additional accents with glue. If there are any bald spots or frayed ends, cover them up with loose sequins and glue.

Allow the glue to dry completely. An optional step is to reinforce the sequins by stitching sections of sequins onto the sweater from the backside.

And you’re finished! The sweater should be dry cleaned only.

Don’t forget to head over to The Stripe to see Grace’s purr-fect version!

(all images by HonestlyWTF)