Cozy knit sweaters are my absolute favorite thing about fall. And now that this abnormal heat wave has finally left us here in Los Angeles, I can’t wait to stock up a few of these cheeky choices from ASOS.

(top to bottom, left to right: Peter Jensen Fox Intarsia Crew Neck $290, Warehouse Horse Sweater $79, Wildfox All Over Love Shredded Sweater $378, Love Popcorn Knit Heart Sweater $70, Love Letterman Popcorn Sweater $79, Illustrated People Bear Oversized Sweater $97, Asos Wolves Sweater with Zip Detail $70,  Wildfox Math Sucks Sweater $236, Asos Panda Sweater $53, Wildfox L’Amour Sweater $ 360, Asos Sweater With Rabbit In The Hat $62, Asos Mono Tiger Sweater $53, b+ ab Horse Sweater $ 192, Asos Chunky Tres Cool Sweater $61, Whistles Dog Sweater $176, Asos Mistletoe Sweater $56)