Who needs cupids and arrows when instead, you all you need is to wiggle your fingertips, painted with flirtatious eyelashes, at your beloved Valentine?! When we spotted this adorably sassy manicure on Hannah Bronfman, the queen of covetable nail art, we instantly had to recreate it. It wasn’t without some trial and error and a few strokes of the brush first. Practice makes perfect and we’ve perfected this one for you. Wink, wink.


You’ll need:


Start by cutting 1 inch strips of washi tape. Cut a flat half circle out of the top of each one and tape them three quarter of the way down your nails. You can also put the tape all the way at the top of the nail, which will leave just a thin line.


Make sure the edge of the tape is adhered to your nails. Dab large dollops of black polish onto a thick piece of card stock. When picking a polish, it’s important to find a highly pigmented one – one that would only require a single stroke to get enough color. We like this one.


Using a very fine, high quality brush makes drawing fine lines much easier. I like using a #0 sable brush – they can be pretty expensive but if you clean them well, you can use them over and over again. Use the card stock to practice drawing lines and testing the pressure of your brushstrokes. Starting from left side of the nail, draw your curved line using the tape as a guide.


A tip is to put the weight of the brush against the tape side. Any excess of nail polish will spill over onto the tape, giving you a clean line on the nail.


Fill the brush with more polish and paint on lashes with 5 fine lines. Carefully peel away the tape.


If the brush is getting a bit clumpy or loosing its fineness, clean it between a cotton pad well soaked in nail polish remover. Continue the sane process on the rest of the nails.


To make an evil eye cut a piece of washi tape in the shape of a football, with the length matching the width of the top of your nail. Tape it right below your nail line. Trace the top and bottom line with nail polish.


Remove the tape and draw a circle in the middle, filling it in with polish. Allow one hand before starting on the next. And if you’re very ambidextrous, you can have a friend help you with the other set of nails. Allow to dry completely before applying a top coat.


Bat those eyelashes, ladies!


 (images by HonestlyWTF)