Cape Me

Oh, how we’re crushing on Leslie Tessler‘s collection of luxuriously handcrafted capes....


Thank you, Cosmic Dust, for introducing me to the Parisian label, Moonchild. Their stunning spring lookbook is feeding my obsession of southwestern prints, ponchos, boots, hats, and just about anything with crochet or fringe details.

Point Break

(Baja Hoodies $16.99, The Underwater Project by Mark Tipple via Saturdays Surf)

Cape Town

We’ve been victims of some serious gloomy weather here lately (WTF!!!), which...

Mr. Brainwash

I took this photo in LA, done by local Parisian artists Mr. Brainwash, (aka Thierry Guetta).  Notice I did not call him graffiti artist, he isn’t really your typical law breaking bandit.  He blends historical…