I’ve been in the market for a satchel/messenger bag and a few have caught my eye.  But after spotting this saddle leather “batchel” on Jak & Jil, I think I’ve found my match! Made by The Cambridge Satchel Company, these luxurious bags come in a multitude of colors and sizes—and are very reasonably priced, offering free monograming!  I can’t wait to get my hands on one and let it get even better with age.

Vintage Brown Batchel available here, £85

The Cambridge Satchel Company for Urban Outfitters UK available here, £108

Josep Font

I just recently came across the stunning designs of Josep Font, an incredible Spanish designer from Barcelona. His artistic and dreamlike couture creations seem like the perfect attire for a tea party and the guest list would most definitely include Tim Burton, McQueen, Dr. Suess….and me.

(images from here and here)

Bocce Time

The weather is warming up and it is time for Bocce!  Chanel’s Stainless Steel Bocce set is oh-so-fabulous and has inspired me to upgrade my standard red and green set.  But for the $2,800 price tag, I might be settling for a less expensive & just as chic version for approx $200:

Moroccan Wedding

Honestly, Lauren and I are obsessed with almost everything Moroccan.  Take for instance, these stunning Moroccan wedding blankets which Lauren first saw years ago at the Parker Palm Springs.  The blankets are hand woven often by a female family member weeks before a wedding ceremony for the Moroccan bride, infusing the blanket with blessings of good fortune and fertility.  Upon completion of this hand loomed treasure, the nuptials are performed and the bride is draped in her blanket as she travels to her husband’s home.

(images from here and here)

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