La Doña

I first learned of María Félix during my days working at Christie’s, when the flamboyant and quirky treasures from her estate were being auctioned in 2007.  She was a Mexican screen legend, a true diva and a fashion icon, which made me absolutely love this tribute to La Doña by Mario Testino in V Magazine.  The details, including the long cigarettes, cowboy hats, cat eye liner and her beloved Cartier alligator jewelry, are spot on. Did you know that according to Cartier legend, María brought a bowl of her pet crocodiles into the Cartier Boutique in Paris and requested a necklace designed to resemble them?  The baby crocs sat on the jeweler’s workbench and gave inspiration to what is now famously known as the Cartier Crocodile Necklace.

(V Magazine images from here, María Félix images from here and here)

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  1. Wow, she’s fabulous.

  2. Xizi Luo wrote:

    Beautiful woman, beautiful model depiction. Love the Egyptian cat-eye eyeliner.

  3. Andie wrote:

    I’m Mexican, and she’s THE symbol of sensuality in our country. She’s the perfect woman: sensual yet strong. I love her!!! Viva María Félix!

  4. Nina wrote:

    Feels like the real thing is a woman whereas the model is a girl. The latter emits nowhere near the same presence and strength as the former!