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What if Q-Tip teamed up with Rousseau? Or Kanye with Vermeer? Or J. Lo with Manet? Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano, the duo behind Fly Art, are bringing more →
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Someone, give this dog a bone! I'm honestly crushin' on the stylish star of Menswear Dog, a dapper shiba inu, who has a taste for Ralph Lauren knit ties, Gant more →
LA sign 1
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I love old signage and theater marquees. Océane Buret, a recent transport from Paris, has beautifully captured LA's most historic and famous landmarks with more →
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A newly launched blog, Dear Photograph, invites us to take a picture from the past and photograph it, merging it into the present. I can't wait to rummage more →
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The beauty of this photograph, found via my newest online obsession, literally took my breath away. If you're looking to be wowed, you've gotta check out more →
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