We can’t seem to get our fill of tribal bags these days and for us, “tribal” never tires.  After seeing this Wayuu Mochila bag in the newest J.Crew catalogue, it reminded me of a photo I saw a few months ago on Vogue.com and that I was envious ever since.  Mochila bags are made by Wayuu Ameriindian tribeswomen, an indigenous people who live near the borders of both Colombia and Venezuela.  The process of making each bag is incredibly labor intensive–it takes over 40 hours to make each one!  The women of the Wayuu make the bags in an effort to earn a livelihood, and to improve and sustain their community. The bag at J.Crew has recently sold out so I scoured the internet and found these stunning colorful ones that will do just fine (and cost less!):

Mochila bags approx $120 from The Wayuu Taya Foundation, where all the sales proceeds go to benefiting the Wayuú indigenous people.

Mochila bags approx $70 from Columbian Style.