As the Editor In Chief of HoenstlyWTF and HonestlyYUM, I’m constantly searching the web for interesting topics and most importantly, exceptional images. Tracking down beautiful and compelling imagery is essential to creating great content! And since I’m accustomed to using Google for most all of my online searches, I was skeptical yet curious to do a blind test to see if which search engine would actually win the Bing versus Google challenge. The test was simple as all I had to do was enter 5 search topics, pick the search results I liked best, and then wait to find out just who won the search test. I think you might be just as surprised as I was to discover the results!

1. Fishtail braids

2. Vintage classroom maps

3. DIY bracelets

4. Chocolate chip cookies recipe

5. Cloche hats

And the results? Drumroll please . . .

I noticed that not only was I opting for results that provided me with lots of images and results from a variety of sources, but I strayed away from sponsored results. I encourage you to take on the Bing It On challenge and decide for yourself which search engine you prefer!