It’s only the second day of 2018 and I’m feeling revitalized and full of anticipation for the new year. I’m also extremely excited to introduce you to HonestlyFIT, the newest member – or as we like to say, the stronger sibling – of the Honestly family! The extent of my relatively healthy and active lifestyle has always consisted of eating well and the occasional hike or tennis match. However, after the birth of my second baby nearly two years ago, work and parenting became a habitual excuse for putting my already negligible self care on the back burner. I so desperately craved the motivation that was needed to overhaul my lifestyle in an attainable and practical way. I’m happy to say that, over the last year, I’ve built a small community that has helped me make short strides towards a more balanced lifestyle – and I owe much of that progress to my long time friend and HonestlyFIT editor, Orissa Rose. And together, we’ll be bringing you honest personal insights and tried and true tips to live a life full of self love, wellness and health. I hope that you guys will come along for the ride!

(images via HonestlyFIT)