In 1932 Paul Bond, a rodeo cowboy and trick rider, started a business hand making custom cowboy boots. Almost 80 years later, he continues to operate his business (where everything is still done by hand) and is considered one of the best boot makers in the world. After years of contemplating a trip, a few gals and I finally made the journey down to Nogales, AZ to each get a pair of Paul Bond cowboy boots. It was the most unforgettable experience: having measurements of our feet taken, choosing and designing every single detail of the boot from the leather to the stitching to the toe and heel shape, watching the artisans at work, walking around the iconic barn from which the business is run, and most incredibly, meeting Mr. Bond himself. We all left feeling so exhilarated, having gained such an appreciation for boot making. I hope that this form of craftsmanship never dies. And now, I wait 6 long months for my boots to come in the mail! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime, Rebecca! xx

(all images by Honestly…WTF)