Emoji Nation

Like it, follow me, retweet, favorite, add me, smiley face, sad face, add friend, share . . . how would artists like Edward Hopper or Michelangelo have utilized today’s most ubiquitous social media symbols? Artist Nastya Nudnik has imagined the scenario in her own way by juxtaposing centuries old art with 21st century language and by bringing unspoken emotions to life. Clever.


Hopper, Excursion into Philosophy 1959

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Ruffled In Rocha

I just recently returned from Florence where I was invited by our friends at Luisa Via Roma for Firenze4Ever, a bi-annual affair celebrating the best of art and fashion. I couldn’t think of a better weekend spent than styling looks, with the Italian retailer’s most lustworthy offerings from the fall collections, in one of my beloved cities in the world. And let’s not forget the shopping, the art and the food! The moment I saw Simone Rocha‘s Elizabethan inspired double jersey coat, I knew the magnificent Uffizi Gallery was the perfect backdrop for such a sumptuous work of art. The smooth texture and voluminous shape of Rocha’s ruffled coat is just insane. I need it. And I’ll take it with a side of fries too.



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