A Tip On Gallery Walls

If you’re still unsure about building your own art gallery wall, here are plenty more examples to help inspire you. Lots of you have been asking how I put the gallery wall together in my son’s room. Here is a helpful tip. Trace each frame onto kraft paper, label them and cut them out. Tape them on the wall with painter’s tape and rearrange them to your liking. Once you’re happy with the layout, then hammer in those nails and hang your art!



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Ulla Johnson Spring 2015

Ulla Johnson‘s luxe bohemian collection epitomizes effortless chic and worldly ease. Breezy silk dresses and eyelet frocks are sure to be wardrobe staples. Beautiful knitwear hand-loomed in Peru and Shibori prints hand-dyed in India will certainly inspire travel. And Ulla’s foray into denim and swimwear will have us wearing wide leg jeans and crocheted maillots come spring.



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