The 10 Gallon Hat

Lauren and I are hat obsessed. When Pharrell revived Vivienne Westwood‘s 1980s Buffalo hat at the Grammy’s earlier this year, we couldn’t be more in favor of the look and of the ridiculously yet brilliantly exaggerated crown. Did you know that Westwood was initially inspired by Peruvian women and their felt bowler hats when designing her ‘Nostalgia of Mud’ collection? I recently scoured the web, rounding up some of my favorite 10 gallon hats – or ‘Gus‘ hat as the cowboys dub it in the West. Crowns measuring less than 6 inches need not apply . . .



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DIY Embroidered Wooden Box

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to lose sight of beautiful, tangible objects like handwritten letters, notepads, and photographs. When I stumbled across Artifact Uprising, a Denver based company who transforms your digital images into professional-quality books and individual prints on thick card stock, I immediately placed an order of all of my family photos that I had been saving on my computer for the past year. This would make the perfect gift for my husband for Father’s Day. But of course, I had to add a handmade element. I ordered a gorgeous beetle pine box, to store all these precious keepsakes, and embroidered the lid with yarn. Embroidering wood, you say?!? It’s actually quite easy. Follow along!


You’ll need:

  • a wooden box
  • a Dremel or drill
  • a thin drill bit
  • an embroidery needle
  • yarn
  • pencil

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