My Top Drugstore Beauty Buys

I’m as basic as it gets when it comes to hair and makeup. It’s mostly because I’m always on the move and most often running late. Plus, I’m a big fan of the non-makeup makeup look. Also, who has the time to stop by every makeup counter in a department store to test a full face worth of makeup? It’s exhausting. So “tousle, swipe and go” has pretty much the extent of my beauty mantra for as long as I can remember and I’ve happily stuck to the same few beauty products over the years. But with the recent launch of Target’s Beauty Concierge program, I thought it was about time I update my regime. What is a Beauty Concierge you ask? It’s an in-store expert who is on hand to advise on all things beauty related. Just think of them as your beauty bestie so ask, ask, ask away. Like, should I be using gel blush or creme blush? What’s the darkest, easiest to apply liquid liner out there? Should I be using a makeup sponge? Sometimes I need just a tad more coverage than tinted moisturizer, what should I get? Here is what I learned . . . 



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Living Roofs

Turf houses are the coolest. Literally. For centuries, this style was used in parts of Iceland and Norway due to difficult climates as it offered superior insulation, keeping houses dry and warm. Why are we not building all of our homes this way? They could be the eco-buildings of the future!

living roof

living roof

Hobbit Cottage


Supersize Turtleneck Sweaters

Last week’s cold spell lasted for a split second but somehow, I still managed to dig through my closet for a turtleneck sweater to celebrate the occasion. And sure, when I say cold, I mean 65 degrees. But hey, I’ll take any semblance of fall at this point! So as I patiently wait for Indian summer to take it’s final bow, I’ll just lust over these sumptuous oversized turtlenecks . . .



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Oeuf Winter 2015

It was the spiky asparagus, frilly kale, crunchy radishes, roly-poly eggplants and farm fresh eggs at Park Slope’s co-op that inspired Brooklyn-based Oeuf‘s winter collection of food themed knitwear. I’ve been a fan of Oeuf’s luxuriously soft and quality knits since my son was born and now that the weather is finally cool enough, I can’t wait to get him in the radish hoodie, pickle scarf and apple mittens. I’m just wondering if the egg beret comes in my size?! It’s all just too scrumptious!




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