DIY Embroidered Photo Books + Artifact Uprising Giveaway

It’s hard to believe that our little munchkin will be turning 2 in just a couple months. Where did the time go?! No, honestly. I know it sounds so cliché but I am constantly in awe of how quickly Quincy has been growing and learning and how easily I can sometimes forget when even the littlest yet still significant moments happened in the past 22 months. Just the other day, I was looking through photos on the computer – of moments captured during his first few minutes in the world, his first laugh, his first taste of real food, and his first steps. I was immediately overcome with heartfelt nostalgia and a sudden determination to get those photos off the screen and into something tangible and personal. So after sorting all of my most lived photographs by month, I created 2 gorgeous soft cover photobooks on Artifact Uprising, my absolute favorite destination for high quality photo prints. And of course, they also inspired me to add another personal touch – embroidery! It’s just a little something that makes these prints and books that much more special. So follow along as I show you how easy it is to do. And, stay tuned after the jump for a giveaway with Artifact Uprising that should not be missed . . .


You’ll need:

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Taste Buds: San Francisco

Travel feeds my soul. And the best part about exploring a new place is tapping into what the locals love to do – where they shop, where they eat, and what to do. So when Jessica Jardine & Krissy Wall, the adorable hosts of Taste Buds Travel, hit me up as they made their way through San Francisco, one of 8 stops on their country wide tour, I was more than delighted to share with them one of my favorite places to shop: Stuff. If you live or have visited San Francisco and haven’t been to Stuff, let us prepare you for 17,000 square feet of vintage amazingness, curated by over 60 different vendors! It’s a vintage lover’s paradise. Honestly. Check out the video below as the girls and I spend the afternoon doing what I do best. Shop.


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The New Bohemians

Designer, artist and all around rad human Justina Blakeney just released her long awaited book The New Bohemians and boy, is it good. The 300 page bohemian bible showcases the homes of 20 creatives in cities all over the country – each with with interior style that is free of rules and full of spirit – as well as twelve amazing DIY projects and a Plant-O-Pedia, which explains every plant in the book and how to care for it! Justina has also divided the homes into six glorious chapters, redefining the different kinds of bohemians: the modern bohemian who favors clean lines and functionality, the folksy bohemian who is distinguished by stories of family and tradition through art and artifacts, the earthy bohemian who lets plants take center stage, the romantic bohemian who possesses a sense of sweet nostalgia, the nomadic bohemian whose home is like the grand bazaar, and the maximal boho who believes in more is more. I’m a folksy bohemian through and through. What kind of new bohemian are you?





An Earful Of WWAKE

I’ve been seriously considering getting a few more piercings in my ears just to accommodate all the tiny gold and iridescent opal earrings from WWAKE. They’re so precious, you can’t just stop at one or two! P.S. Did you know the ever mystical opal, my latest obsession, is known to intensify intuition and promote inspiration? Gimme.





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