The Tree Cathedral

The base of Mount Arera in Nothern Italy has just moved up to the top of my travel bucket list. It is where Italian artist Giuliano Mauri built the framework for his Cattedrale Vegetale, a cathedral-like structure formed by weaving more than 600 chestnut and hazel branches around 1,800 fir tree poles to form 42 columns. After each of the columns deteriorate, a single beach tree – planted inside each column – will outgrow the structure and create a natural wall and roof. In just a few more years, the end result will be a Gothic-like cathedral make entirely of trees. Honestly, wow.



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Chloé Pre-Fall 2015

The enigmatic, boyish allure of 70s rockstar Kate Bush and the androgynous, glam rock style of David Bowe’s Ziggy Stardust era influenced Clare Waight Keller in creating her nomadic and glamorously rock ‘n’ roll collection for Chloé . Come early fall, we’ll be vying for high waisted sailor pants, wool capes, ribbon tied blouses, Mongolian fur coats, and over the knee boots so we too, can relive the 70s with that classicly effortless Chloé-esque je ne sais quoi.



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DIY God’s Eyes

Remember those simple little diamond shaped yarn weavings we all made at summer camp with just two popsicle sticks and a some colorful yarn? Who knew that god’s eyes, which originated from Mexico’s Huichol Indians, can be so beautifully complex, incredibly dramatic, and so wonderfully therapeutic? There couldn’t be a better time to share the positive vibes of a protective god’s eye than the holidays – use them as present toppers, hang them as ornaments or simply gift them as is. Inspired by artist Jay Mohler‘s Ojo de Dios mandalas, we’re showing you a more complicated version today – be patient, it’s totally worth the time to learn how to master them. They are impressive and so much fun to make! Trust.


You’ll need:

  • 4 6″ or 12″ wooden dowels
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hot glue gun

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Leather Accent Chairs

It’s nearly been a year since our home renovation was completed and we’re still working on getting our living room together. One of the things my husband and I can never agree on is the sofa. He wants leather (gulp) and I . . . don’t. I think I’ve managed to convince him into a pair of comfy, broken in leather chairs instead – and fingers crossed we can finally pull the trigger. And in case he’s still on the fence, here are some inspiring photos to help sway him. Will it work? Stay tuned.



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