Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui have made it their objective to make over the fine jewelry industry. By cutting out the middlemen in their online retail model, they are able to offer precious metal jewelry at fair and affordable prices. Their collection is made up of 14 and 18k gold jewelry that is timeless and for everyday wear – something that I’ve becoming more prone to wearing these days. And for every jewelry purchase, AUrate donates a book to charter schools located in underprivileged communities around the country.



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Basket Walls

Basket weaving is one of the oldest and widest spread crafts in the history of human civilization, which makes handwoven baskets a collector’s dream. I love the idea of displaying a collection of baskets on the wall – they are, indeed, works of art!

basket wall | HonestlyWTF

basket wall

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Miniature Calendar 2015

It’s nearly been a year since we first introduced you to miniature diorama master Tanaka Tatsuya. The Japanese artist has continued to create impressive miniature scenes using life’s most mundane objects and the tiniest of people and props – a new episode is revealed every day. Since 2011!! The level of creativity needed to produce 365 dioramas a year is just mind-boggling. But I don’t ever want him to stop . . .



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