DIY Rope Bag

I’ve had instructions on how-to-sew-rope-bowls saved to my Pinterest “to do” board for awhile now. A few weekends ago, I finally got around to making a few delightful baskets that were surprisingly easy to make. However, they sat on my craft table for over a week, just waiting for me to do something with them. You should know that I have one too many little bowls around the house, each hoarding way too many chotskies and trinkets. Ask my husband. It drives him crazy. So what would be more useful to me? Something that I can productively use? A tote bag, of course! Why make something if you can’t wear it! Don’t be intimated. If you can sew a straight line on a sewing machine, I promise you can skillfully master this project.


You’ll need:

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Sea Resort 2016

It’s America’s deep rooted history with denim, and Japan’s innovative techniques with indigo, that inspired Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini’s resort collection. Denim jackets, midi skirts and strapless dresses were screen-printed, with vintage batik patterns, using bleach (yes!). Bandana prints adorned silk tops and gauchos. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Sea collection without some romantic and folksy dresses.



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Papillionaire Bicycles

The first few moments on a bicycle always brings me back to the first time I dropped by training wheels, with memories of my dad sprinting alongside me while gripping onto my seat and cheerfully encouraging me to keep pedaling! He lets go and exhilaration ensues. And that was just the beginning of my entire youth revolved around my beloved two-wheeler. When Papillionaire Bicycles offered me to build my own vintage-inspired dutch style bike, I was beyond excited. It had been years since I owned a bicycle! I chose the Stommer, the most laid back silhouette they offer, and customized the speed, size, color and details down to the leather handlebar grips, premium leather saddle, tires and basket. What can I say, I’m absolutely in love with my cream colored beauty and have hardly gone a day without giving it a spin. My husband was inspired to pick one out for himself and we’re looking forward to bringing little Quincy along for the ride this summer.





Can Eu

Paradise is: Eugenia Silva‘s home in Formentera, the smallest of the four main Balearic Islands. The colorful textures, the natural, native elements and nearly primitive vibe makes her Spanish retreat idyllically laid back and absolutely sublime.



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Yosuzi Hats

Inspired by her childhood immersed in the traditional ceremonies and artisanal crafts of her Guajiro heritage, designer Yosuzi Sylvester recently launched her eponymous brand with a collection of gorgeous hand woven hats. Each ‘woma‘ is made of a palm straw native to Venezuela, using a diagonal weaving technique and incorporating symbols and patterns which are unique to the Guajiro tribe. Dedicated to her ancestral community, Yosuzi has forged close relationships with the tribe’s craftsman and has committed herself to giving back by donating portions of each hat sale to CEPIN, a non-profit organization to the health and education of the Guajiro Indian children. I’m absolutely smitten with the hats and have already ordered one for myself – and am left lusting after the rest. And those colorful pom poms? Honestly, yes.





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