Diletta Cancellato

Italian designer Diletta Cancellato is doing all kinds of crazy good things with knitwear. Growing up alongside her tailor grandfather, Diletta learned every detail of quality clothing construction first hand. She continued her education in Milan but it wasn’t until she completed her MFA at Parsons when she totally felt comfortable breaking away from the norm. We just love the way she’s experimented with different weights and volumes of knits to create beautiful and dramatic silhouettes, with the oversized sleeves being our favorite, of course.





Lego Patchwork

It’s good to see that Jan Vormann is still, after all these years, working his magic with Legos. The German artist uses everyone’s favorite childhood toy blocks to repair damaged walls, chipped columns and crumbled corners all over the world. The first time we discovered his work was in 2010 and six years later, his Lego installations still bring smiles to our faces. I hope he keeps at it and that I’m lucky enough to one day, stumble upon his happy patches in person.



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Karen Walker Magic Hands

Karen Walker has joined forces, once again, with Advanced Style‘s Ari Seth Cohen to celebrate the beauty of age. Phyllis Sue, 93, and Roberta Haze, 78, loaned their storied hands to Karen’s latest jewelry campaign, styling their own combination of filigree bands and motif and stone rings. As a former stylist and star of the Ballet Russes and a former 1960s Broadway star respectively, these ladies’ hands speak of a life well lived. Just imagine all the tales they’d tell . . .



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J.Crew x Drakes

J.Crew has collaborated with English haberdasher Drakes and man, is it a match made in pattern heaven. Known for their handmade silk ties and scarves, the East London based heritage brand is debuting their first ever collection for women. Scarves, shoes and pajama inspired tops and pants are printed with bengal tigers, tropical birds and unicorns, in a dreamy color palette of pink, burgundy and green. So good, we want it all.



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A Workers Cottage In Queensland

Workers cottages, which were popular in Queensland, Australia during the turn of the 20th century, are known for their obvious charm and solid foundations. When photographer Kara Rosenlund settled on one that was built in 1890, she knew that despite the need for some renovations, she would stay true to the authenticity of the original home. It was also important to keep everything white as to provide a clean backdrop to her beautiful photography and the collection of treasures she’s amassed over the years. And how stunning is the consistent use of the warm, rich hues of toffee in the form of bedding, furniture and frames?! This house is in one word, flawless.



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