Sophia Watts

When you take the middle names from two talented artists in love, you get Sophia Watts. Briana Sophia Horne and Walker Watts Young are traveling artists that create their works from the things they have collected along their journey. Whether it’s gull feathers from Catalina Island, driftwood from Northern California, or great blue heron feathers from their backyard lake in Tennessee, Briana and Walker are always looking out for new materials. From the perfectly symmetrical kaleidoscope butterfly collages and dreamcatchers to the peace pipeswall talismans, and horsehair key chains, all of their work is mesmerizing.  The thought that goes into each knot, the pinning of butterfly wings, and the handmade frames is visible, proving it’s all in the details. Briana and Walker will be at the Parachute Market this weekend in Los Angeles, and I strongly recommend you go meet them, and see their work up close because the two of them are just as magical as their work.


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Kule Spring 2014

A successful career in fashion was destined for Nikki Kule, especially after a childhood spent immersed in the industry thanks to her designer parents. With a successful children’s clothing line and guest designing gig at Brooks Brothers under her belt, her namesake womenswear label was launched in 2012. And boy, is Kule cool.  The tomboy chic spring collection has us seriously vying for a gingham pantsuit, a baja striped pullover, a plaid shirt paired with floral printed pants and above all, a couple of those exaggeratedly tall fedoras.




Archist City

If Salvador Dalí was a building, what would it look like? Wildly eccentric with a smooth stone-like shape and a few supporting crutches, as it was in his Architectonic Angelusof course! Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina has brilliantly envisioned what some of the most famous artists might have looked like in the form of architectural structures. So clever and playful.



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White Button Down

Next to the twenty-some plain white tees in my closet is a rack stacked with an abnormal amount of collared, white button down shirts. This classic staple is the perfect answer to the I-hate-everything-in-my-closet-I-don’t-know-what-to-wear-today dilema. Here are 5 of my current favorites: Bella Dahl for it’s thicker texture and split back, Thomas Mason for J.Crew for it’s tailored fit and tuxedo shirt detail, Enzo Costa for it’s gauzy texture and exaggerated hi-low hem, Equipment for that crisper look and semi-relaxed fit, and Current/Elliott for it’s oversized, menswear-inspired fit and lightweight material. Do you own any white button downs that you swear by?



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Parisian Time Capsule

I couldn’t believe the story when I first read about it: a Parisian time capsule left behind by a French socialite and actress. After suddenly fleeing to the South of France during WWII, Madame de Florian’s lavish Paris apartment was abandoned and locked up with all of her belongings in it. And there it all stayed, just how she left it, until her death in 2010 – completely untouched for 68 years. Among many of the treasures discovered was a never before seen portrait of de Florian’s grandmother by Giovanni Boldini, which eventually sold at auction for $3million dollars. Also discovered were love letters between the artist and her grandmother, persian rugs, furniture and much more. You couldn’t make this story up if you tried!

Madame de Florian 2

Madame de Florian 1

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