Delpozo Resort 2017

It was the fantastical voyage to the sky and sea, in French cinematographer George MélièsA Trip To the Moon, that inspired Joseph Font‘s celestial and oceanic themes in his first ever resort collection. Star and fish motifs adorned architectural dresses, intarsia knitwear, voluminous coats and structural blouses; and vivid colors like blue, green and yellow contrasted beautifully against pretty pale hues. Dreamy, as usual . . . 



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Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. The photographer, digital artist, and all around creative genius uses all kinds of mediums and materials to make his ideas come to life in an image. The names of each work are quite literal and self explanatory, like Soundscape to Impact and Cutting Dawn. If you have a moment, check out his process in the video below – you’ll see what an arduous technique it takes to produce a single work. I suppose it’s why he only creates 6-8 images a year!




Monse Resort 2017

Designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim are only into their third collection under their label Monse, however, the Oscar de la Renta alums have already made an impression with the refreshing way in which they’ve deconstructed men’s shirting and fabric into bold and glamorous pieces. Naturally, they’ve continued their signature deconstruction for resort – this time introducing khaki gabardine and colorful silks. Trench like silhouettes are twisted, wrapped, cinched and oversized. And patterned silks are patched together to create blouses with extra large cuffs and gowns that feel relaxed and cool. Monse. So good. Don’t forget it.



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Pip & Pop

When an artist’s medium involves a florescent spectrum of sugar, glitter, candy, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and washi tape, you know it’s going to be magical. Australian artist Tanya Schultz, who works under the pseudonym Pip & Pop, meticulously creates her fantastical, utopian wonderlands all over the world. Her mini landscapes are installed on the floors of buildings and galleries and are entirely three dimensional. I’m intrigued by the intricate layering of colored sugar to create flawless patterns. I would just love to see one of her installations in person – and I think Willy Wonka would certainly love it too, don’t you?



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With their beautiful range of natural fabrics, values surrounding creativity and art, and close proximity to Australia, designer Sarah Hardie knew that she was destined to open a sustainable textile studio in Bali. Her collection of cotton, supima, and muslin women’s dresses are feminine, lightweight and simply effortless to wear. And in an effort to support other global communities, Sarah donates a portion of each sale to clean water, human trafficking and education projects in Africa and Cambodia. I’ve already snatched up a few hand blocked and embroidered dresses from her own label and from another brand she carries, French label Blue. Oh, and if you have little girls, you must check out the adorable children’s clothing and floral sleeping bags. They’re beyond adorable!



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