Art Shmart

Happy Birthday Michelle. Your art work & talent has been an inspiration to me for over 20 years (man, we are getting old)! Te quiero mucho.

(acrylic, charcoal, pencil, matt medium & paper collage on canvas)

Tina Kalivas

I’ve been enamored with the designs of Tina Kalivas, an Australian designer, for awhile now.  Her Totem Fall 2010 collection is just as stunning as her past.  And her injections of vivid color & patterns and use of inspirations from native cultures makes me excited to see more from her for years to come.

Bilum Bags

Last week I was at LAX and had to stop a girl to ask where she had gotten her gorgeous & colorful bag. She was very excited to tell me it was from Papa New Guinea and was given to her as a gift by her friend when she had arrived there, which is customary. She said you could get them at the market’s for about $20.  Upon further research, I discovered they are called Bilum bags.  A Bilum bag is not only beautiful and unique, they also have cultural significance for the women of Papa New Guinea as part of their ongoing artistic expression and economic independence.

*fun fact.  Until 1933 seashells were the currency in some regions of Papa New Guinea.

( images from here, here, and here )

links to purchase bilum bags, and much cheaper here

Tank Girl

Honestly, I love (I mean LOVE) soft and semi-sheer tanks and tees from Alexander Wang and Kain just as much as you do.  But it only takes buying a few $80 tanks before the guilt starts settling in.  I recently found and stocked up on amazing tanks from Tilly’s that look, wear and feel so similar!  For $12 each, I’ll be wearing my new tanks all summer long….guilt free.

Clockwise from top left: Alexandar Wang Tank $74, Kain Pocket Tank $86, Full Tilt Tanks $11.99

Update 5/31: Just saw that Oak carries a version of the Kain pocket tank for $44, in case you were looking for something more sheer.  That’s still half the price of the original!

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