Mr. Brainwash

I took this photo in LA, done by local Parisian artists Mr. Brainwash, (aka Thierry Guetta).  Notice I did not call him graffiti artist, he isn’t really your typical law breaking bandit.  He blends historical references with pop culture and iconic images. I saw his show, in 2008, where he used anything from old vinyl albums, books, vintage stereo’s, cars, and lots of other found objects.  I love seeing his “Life is Beautiful ” image on my way to work.  I can’t wait for the next show.  Looks like Belle Sauvage found some inspiration from his artwork too!

Sou Brette

Muqliza Imroni’s newest collection for her Sou Brette line of jewelry, Runic, was inspired by tales of an apocalyptic future.  ‘Color has become a memory of the past’ and most of the materials used in Runic were drawn by that concept: cotton ropes, polished metal, safety pins, and resin.  Runic is meant to symbolize humanity’s desire to make the best out of any situation, to embody the beauty in despair, and to empower the beauty from within.

(Puramis Chokers $158-$198)


These vibrant works of art are from Laila Shawa’s current exhibition, Arabopop!, at Articulate Baboon in Cairo, Egypt.  A Palestinian artist living in London, Laila is best known for her silk-screen installation Walls of Gaza and has five paintings on permanent display in The British Museum.  In her most recent collection of works, she playfully updates the geometry of classical Islamic decoration with vibrant colors and an exaggeration of form. They remind Lauren and I of our travels through Morocco and Southern Spain.  Thanks for sharing, Suzie!

Pyrrha Talismans

These Talisman necklaces from Pyrrha are cast from authentic 19th century wax seals and each design has a symbolic meaning taken from family heraldry.  A Talisman is an amulet or object considered to possess supernatural or magical powers and the name Pyrrha is derived from the myth of Pyrrha and Deucalion, the only two survivors left after a great flood.  To repopulate the earth they threw stones over their shoulders – the stones that Pyrrha threw became women, and the stones that Deucalion threw became men.  How magical is that?  I love that these necklaces hold so much meaning: the Dagger representing courage, the Pelican representing maternal instinct, etc.

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