Thong Song

Honestly, I own over 100 pairs of Hanky Panky underwear.  That’s a lot of cash–at $18 a pop–considering I just discovered that Walmart carries the identical thong for only $3 a pair.  And trust me, they look, feel and wear exactly like the original.


I’ve been in the market for a satchel/messenger bag and a few have caught my eye.  But after spotting this saddle leather “batchel” on Jak & Jil, I think I’ve found my match! Made by The Cambridge Satchel Company, these luxurious bags come in a multitude of colors and sizes—and are very reasonably priced, offering free monograming!  I can’t wait to get my hands on one and let it get even better with age.

Vintage Brown Batchel available here, £85

The Cambridge Satchel Company for Urban Outfitters UK available here, £108

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