Wearing a white bra is like wearing white socks…a big ‘NO-NO’!  And years ago, Carrie Bradshaw proved that revealing your intimates can be tasteful and fun.  Here are some of our favorite bras that double as a second layer under loose tanks, sheer tees and backless tops:

(clockwise from top left: Free People Bandeau $20, Top Shop Bralet $40, Honeydew Bralette $30, Alexander Wang One Shoulder Bra $53, Only Hearts Bandeau $55, VPL Stripe Bra $85)

DIY Shibori

Shibori is a Japanese term for methods of dyeing cloth by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, and compressing.  In Japan, the earliest known example of cloth dyed with the shibori technique dates back to the 8th century where indigo was the main dye used.  We were immediately inspired by this fascinating technique, it’s history and beauty.  After much research, we decided to tackle 3 techniques of Shibori dyeing with an Indigo Tie Dye Kit, a few old white shirts and scarves, and several household items.

1. Arashi (Japanese for “storm”) shibori a pole-wrapping technique. The cloth is wrapped on a diagonal around a pole or cylindrical object (we used old PVC and copper piping) and then tightly bound by wrapping thread or wire up and down the pole. Next, the cloth is scrunched down on the pole.  The patterns are on a diagonal in arashi shibori which suggests the rain from a heavy storm. (Click images to enlarge)


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