Moroso M’afrique

I just about passed out from excitement when I first saw this incredible collection of woven chairs at ABC Carpet & Home last week.  Patricia Moroso‘s M’afrique is a furniture design collaboration that includes several designers such as Tord Boontje and Patricia Urquiola.  The designs are first conceptualized and sketched by the designers; then executed and handmade in Dakar, Senegal by local craftsmen, using the same durable and weatherproof nylon thread used for fishing nets.  Each piece is unique with no two patterns the same. The original goal behind the project was to change the perception of Africa and to show that contemporary art, photography, design, or architecture can be found in Africa in the most beautiful way. Goal accomplished, wouldn’t you say?

(Shadowy Armchair $2832.00, Touti stool $931.00 , Reii bench $1896.00, all available at ABC Carpet & Home tel: 646.602.3850)

DIY Ombré Denim

Dip dyed ombré denim has been popping up here and there and not only do we love the look, it’s super easy to do yourself!  We’ve combined Tory Burch‘s dip dyed jeans and Miss Unkon‘s ombré 501s as inspiration for a pink infused DIY that could be done in a jiffy.

You’ll need:
– a pair of denim shorts
– a measuring cup
– a bucket (or a sink)
– a bottle of RIT Fushia or Violet liquid dye


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