Military Time

I don’t think a guy can have too many watches, in fact the more the merrier. This is a classic everyday watch.  The design is based on an iconic 1940s military style from the Timex archives and only available at J.Crew.  I love all the different colored straps, which are a great and inexpensive way to give your watch a whole new look.

(Timex vintage field army watch $150, straps on sale $10-15)

Real Falsies

We know we can count on the beloved YSL mascara for long, lush lashes.  But some occasions call for an extra boost to really get that effet faux cils.  Enter Fast Lash by Tweezerman.  One application of the glittering snowflakes* in between coats of mascara and lashes are transformed into glorious butterfly wings.  Bonus: Fast Lash works with any type of mascara and washes off with soap and water.

*polyester fibers

(image from here, Fast Lash $13.99)


Minnetonka moccasins are staples in our closets and I wear mine almost everyday.  Though, I think an upgrade is in order after discovering these moccasins by Barcelona based Dolfie.  The details and colors blow me away! Unfortunately, they haven’t made it to the States yet but Blas, you know my size: purple, por favor!

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