Delphine Dussoubs, a 22 year old French artist, documented her 2 week journey through Morocco by making a scrapbook of collages and drawings.  One of the places she visited was Chefchaouen (also known as Chaouen). The entire blue village sits in the Rif Mountains and is a magical oasis.  I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve been and its a pleasure to see it through Delphine’s eyes.  If you ever go to Morcocco it’s truly a must see.


I’m sure you’re familiar with Kantha quilts, made popular by Anthropologie and Jeanette Farrier.  And if you’re not, Kantha is an embroidery technique used by women in Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India.  Typically recycled cotton and silk saris are used and then layered with a simple running stitch.  These large shawls from Vajra are soft, luxurious, colorful and on sale!

(Silk Shawls by Vajra $100 each)

Cat vs. Owl

Dree Himingway’s Chopard Cat Ring is part of their Animal World Collection celebrating 150 years with 150 unique animal pieces.  The ring is made in white gold set with white, yellow, brown and black diamonds–I can only imagine how much that costs.  This owl ring could possibly pass as a piece from the collection, but at a seriously ‘animal-friendly’ price.

(Chopard Ring price unknown, Full Tilt Rhinestone Owl Ring, $7.99)

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