Follicle Girls

Lauren and I instantly fell in love with artist Rolando Robinson‘s origami art, particularly his Follicle Girls series. His initial concept was inspired by artist Shen Plum and one of her bright eyed, long haired characters, as well as the artwork of Fifi Lapin. And what started out as drawings of heads joined together by massive amounts of hair eventually became 3 dimensional body forms donning delectable origami clothing. The end result is an imaginative, intricate and stunning work of art, created in the pages of his Moleskin journal. We can’t wait to see more from Rolando and what the Follicle Girls will be wearing next.

(Bohemian Rainbow by Rolando Robinson)

Miss Pucci

The limited edition book Emilio Pucci is full of beautiful photographs of the legendary designer’s joyful prints. Evocative of the same effortless glamour, the new fragrance Miss Pucci is a musky floral scent. It’s just how I imagine a free-spirited Pucci girl would smell on a jaunt to a sun drenched Mediterranean isle.

Miss Pucci $53

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