Huipil Pillows

These one of a kind pillows from ABC Carpet & Home are made from Guatemalan huipils, which are traditional blouses that have been hand loomed by Mayan women for centuries. Huipils are among the most highly decorated of mayan weavings and are used to identify the specific village of the wearer, her social and marital status, religious background and beliefs, wealth, authority and individual personality. The elaborate patterns and vibrant colors of these huipil pillows are incredible!

(Guatemalan huipil pillows $250, bottom image from here)

William Spratling

A woman on set yesterday had on the most amazing silver jewelry by designer William Spratling, also known as the “Father of Mexican Silver.”  An American designer living in Taxco, Mexico, he designed works in silver based primarily on aboriginal Mesoamerican motifs. His pieces had a major influence on 20th century Mexican silver design and have since become collectors items. So beautiful and extraordinary!

(William Spratling bracelets from here and here)




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