Shibori tie dying is one of our favorite DIYs of all time so you can image our excitement after discovering Upstate‘s gorgeous line of shibori tie dye scarves, handkerchiefs and sarongs. We have so much respect for this ancient Japanese art and the designers behind Upstate have truly done it justice!

(images from here)

DIY Turban

We’ve recently received several requests for a turban DIY and so, your wish is our command . . .

Before you start, tie your hair in a bun or ponytail. Fold a large square scarf in half into a triangle. Lay the scarf on your head with the center point of the triangle facing forward and the sides hanging down each of your shoulders. Making sure most of your hair is covered, grasp the length of each side and bring them to the top of your head, twisting twice to create a “knot”. (click images to enlarge)


Indigenous People’s Day

We’ve just wrapped up our Tepee Workshop. This happened to land on the same weekend as the local Indigenous People’s Days celebration, which is an annual event that brings together native and non native people to honor indigenous history and culture. What fate! We took a break from sewing and headed to the Maidu Tribe Cultural Grounds and were instantly inspired by the the chanting, drum circles, and rituals.

(all images by Honestly…WTF)

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