“There was a mythical character who used to roam around my camp…who taught us by example that with just our wits and a good axe, we could live, and we wouldn’t need anything else but those 2 things. Fast forward 30 years and here I am living in Manhattan, surrounded by iPhones, flat screen TVs, incandescent light bulbs and ergonomic pillows, and one day I realized: all I really wanted was just a good axe: so I got to work.”- Peter Buchanan-Smith, founder of Best Made Company.

(Best Made Company Axes $180-$220 each)

Sarah Moon

In the 1960s, Sarah Moon (fashion photographer and filmmaker) discovered Ansco’s GAF500 film while living in Paris.  Contrary to popular thought, she appreciated the unconventional saturated and ultra grainy look of the film; and as a result she’s carved out her own niche of photography.  Alluring, mysterious, and seductive, her signature style is incredibly inspiring.  Fun fact: in 1972, she was the first female photographer to shoot for the Pirelli Calendar.  Amazing.

La Doña

I first learned of María Félix during my days working at Christie’s, when the flamboyant and quirky treasures from her estate were being auctioned in 2007.  She was a Mexican screen legend, a true diva and a fashion icon, which made me absolutely love this tribute to La Doña by Mario Testino in V Magazine.  The details, including the long cigarettes, cowboy hats, cat eye liner and her beloved Cartier alligator jewelry, are spot on. Did you know that according to Cartier legend, María brought a bowl of her pet crocodiles into the Cartier Boutique in Paris and requested a necklace designed to resemble them?  The baby crocs sat on the jeweler’s workbench and gave inspiration to what is now famously known as the Cartier Crocodile Necklace.

(V Magazine images from here, María Félix images from here and here)

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