Makr Carry Goods

I’ve been on a purge kick recently and nothing is more annoying than my obscenely full and heavy wallet.  (Are you allowed to make resolutions seven months into the new year??)  These gorgeous and sleek handmade leather wallets from Makr Carry Goods are the perfect solution to keepin’ it simple.  Handmade from start to finish, they are fuss free and leave room just for the essentials.  No receipt, please.

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(top row: Angle Wallets $60-$80, bottom row: Flap Wallets $90-$120)


The mastermind behind these colorful works of art is Rosemarie Fiore, a New York based artist.  Her “Pyrotechnics” series was created by exploding and containing live fireworks under cardboard cylinders and metal cans over paper, resulting in controlled layers of beautifully saturated colors.  The process is destructive, chaotic and absolutely amazing!

(via Design Therapy)

Alilia Hadadaa

Surrounded by an aqua sky and turquoise sea, this Maldivian resort is heaven on earth and one of many luxury villas from Alilia Resorts.  The ecological design was guided by environmental impact studies before its implementation and as a result, the resort promotes rainwater harvesting and minimizes disruption to corals around the islands.  An 18+ hour trip to the Maldives may not be in our near future…but at least we can close our eyes and pretend for now.

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