Cat vs. Owl

Dree Himingway’s Chopard Cat Ring is part of their Animal World Collection celebrating 150 years with 150 unique animal pieces.  The ring is made in white gold set with white, yellow, brown and black diamonds–I can only imagine how much that costs.  This owl ring could possibly pass as a piece from the collection, but at a seriously ‘animal-friendly’ price.

(Chopard Ring price unknown, Full Tilt Rhinestone Owl Ring, $7.99)


Recently, a friend showed up to work with a pair of huaraches that I was lusting over.  For you Angelinos or those who plan on visiting Los Angeles anytime soon, I recommend you pay a visit to Olvera Street to not only find the perfect pair of huaraches, but to experience all that this historical street has to offer.  Walking down the open street market, with churros in hand, I found my new favorite shoes for only $20 and experienced L.A. culture at its finest.

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