Malick Sidibé

We are huge fans of Malik Sidibé, a Malian photographer noted for his black-and-white portraits of pop culture and exuburent youth of the 50s and 60s in Bamako.  His portraits and documentary photography captured the unique atmosphere and vitality of an African capital during a cultural change in a postcolonial period. Sidibé’s images emanate so much power and have clearly become an influence to artists and designers today.

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Mad Ads

Are you guys as excited as I am for tonight’s season premiere of Mad Men?  Can you imagine Betty and Joan flipping through these ads while reading their monthly issues of Mademoiselle and Vogue?  Perhaps we can even pretend that some of these were created by guys behind the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Agency.

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Whillas & Gunn

Australian newcomer Whillas & Gunn merges contemporary menswear design with heritage appeal (more on that later this week!) in their line of rugged yet svelte overcoats, suits and vests.  Harking back to a time of outlaws and prospectors in Australia’s rich history, Whillas & Gunn provides a contemporary tailored silhouette à la Daniel Plainview or Josie Wales.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of these guys stateside.

East Village Beats

This man behind the counter at this Punjabi bodega/food spot on 1st and Ave A has it going on!  Listen to him bust out in Bhangra, a type of music and dance from the Punjab region. The Punjabi farmers who first started this folk music were celebrating the Vaisakhi, a harvest festival, which marks the beginning of a new solar year and new harvest season.  This video brings me back to my days living in the East Village…love it!

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