I’m loving Bottega Veneta‘s collection of quirky and unusual scarab jewelry. The iridescence of the metallic green pieces make the otherwise reptilian insects so luminous and pretty! Fun fact: did you know that the oldest scarab beetle fossil dates back 40 million years? And not only were they considered sacred in ancient Egypt, they were revered in China and South America too.

(Metallic Green Sterling Silver Scarab Beetle Wrap Ring $360, Metallic Green Sterling Silver Scarab Beetle Bangle $390, Oxidized Sterling Silver Scarab Beetle Ring $330, editorial images from Grey Magazine)

DIY Moleskine Scrapbook

Erica and I never leave home without a Moleskine notebook (we still like to take notes the old fashioned way with a notebook and pen)! So when our friend Karen (of Lulu Loves Caleb) showed us her fabric embellished Moleskine Cahier Notebook, we jumped at the opportunity to have her show us how she did it. You’ll need a sewing machine, a kraft brown Moleskin Cahier Notebook of any size, a piece of fabric, a glue stick and a pair of scissors.


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