Indigenous People’s Day

We’ve just wrapped up our Tepee Workshop. This happened to land on the same weekend as the local Indigenous People’s Days celebration, which is an annual event that brings together native and non native people to honor indigenous history and culture. What fate! We took a break from sewing and headed to the Maidu Tribe Cultural Grounds and were instantly inspired by the the chanting, drum circles, and rituals.

(all images by Honestly…WTF)

Thin Stack

If I had to pick one type of jewelry as my favorite it surely would be rings (which is ironic considering I find my hands rather unattractive). I’m usually drawn to only large chunky rings but this picture has inspired me to start mixing some thin delicate bands into my collection.

(top image from Stardust & Sequins, bottom image by Honestly…WTF; clockwise from top left: Asos Horse Ring $17, Mizuki Evil Eye Ring $495, Urban Outfitters Bird Ring $18, Avanessi Knot Ring $230, Finn Gatsby Ring $1100, Asos Heart Ring $7, Daisy Knights Skull Ring $140, Jennifer Meyer Hammered Band $500, ModCloth Deer Ring $24, Jennifer Meyer Diamond Bar Ring $350 )

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