Golden Girls

Ari Seth Cohen’s street style blog, Advanced Style, showcases the most fashionable older ladies and gentlemen of New York and beyond. It’s our newest blog obsession and absolute proof that fashion knows no age. Watch as the stars of this short film share their outlook on style and we guarantee, you’ll be hooked too.

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Kool Kilim

Leave it to the globetrotting bohemians of the 60s to think to combine leather and kilims into a pair of boots. As much as we’d love to scour the souks of Morocco for a pair, it’s just not in our foreseeable future. Luckily, the designers behind Cobra Society and Kiboots have started reproducing the vintage kilim stunners, making them accessible to us all! Groooooovy.

(Cobra Society $700-$1000; Kiboots $250)

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