Guest Post: Lily & Nina

by MISS MOSS (Part 3 of our Miss Moss Guest Series)

I love this lookbook shot by Eefje de Coninck for Swedish clothing label Dreamandawake. “Dreamandawake has a collection of old dresses from around the world. These are all revived through redesign and photography, refining and transforming them into new, unique garments. Each dress is a forgotten beauty, standing strong and ready to find its new owner.”


Buckingham Interiors

Wouldn’t this be a great space to work in? Julia Edelmann, of Buckingham Interiors + Designs, showcases her eclectic taste and passion for antiques and artifacts in her Chicago showroom. The crisp white walls, especially the exposed brick, really highlight the groupings of swimsuits, mirrors, maps, and artwork that I am suddenly lusting over! I love that she’s taken several versions of the same thing and grouped them together.


DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry

Inspired by a shoot styled by Mandy of Oracle Fox where gold leaf was applied in the form of makeup and jewelry, I immediately had to try it myself. It’s an instantaneous and temporary solution for a lack of bling. Plus, it looks super fly! This technique may even come in handy this Halloween season when you decide you’ll want to dress up as a Fendi-bot . . . or C-3P0.

You’ll need:


Guest Post: Smartie Pants

by MISS MOSS (Part 2 of our Miss Moss Guest Series)

One thing I love seeing at any time of the year, no matter the season, is a woman in a great pair of trousers. I have a tumblr dedicated to Wearing The Pants which gives me great joy to fill up with inspiring imagery (and I’m lucky enough to get some help from a few wonderful contributors). I’ve noticed a lot of brightly coloured pants popping up in the street style blogs these days – which is an especially nice trend for those of you going into winter now… injecting a sense of brightness into a dreary day is always a good thing.


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