Element Eden + Amy Purdy

Element Eden‘s consistent mission to inspire young women is one of the many reasons why we respect and love the label so much. The brand is based on a team of advocates, a hand selected group of visionary artists, musicians, activists and humanitarians, whose stories exude creativity, passion, and social awareness. One of these inspirational advocates is Amy Purdy, a snowboarder, skateboarder, makeup artist, actress, model, and double leg amputee. She was also the inspiration behind Element’s Live Learn Grow collection of casual and activewear. Take the time to watch the incredible video below and let this profound insight from Amy motivate you to always seize the day: “Go outside, smell the trees and breath the fresh air. Seeks what makes you feel at peace and open to discovery, then share that knowledge and inspire others along the way.” WORD.


The Greenbrier

Later this summer a dear friend of mine is getting married at the historical Greenbrier, a landmark hotel I’ve been dying to visit since . . . well, since she got engaged. Nestled in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, the resort was first built in 1778 and then revived after World War II when iconic interior decorator, Dorothy Draper, gave it a much needed makeover. Infused with her signature use of black and white tiles, Baroque plasterwork, oversized prints, and bold colors, the 682 room resort is still recognized as one of Dorothy’s most famous designs. I can’t wait to witness the Greenbrier in all its vibrant and luxurious glory!


Alice Cicolini

Inspired by the sacred architecture and patterns found along the Silk Road, spanning from Northern China to Turkey, Alice Cicolini incorporates the ancient shapes, rich colors, and traditional motifs into her jewelry collection. Her use of rare and nearly extinct techniques, like Kundan and Meenakari, employed by skilled artisans is a large part of her allure and success. Meenakari, for example, is an antiquated method of carving an intricate design into either gold or silver and then filling it with enamel. Alice Cicolini’s jewelry is truly a magical combination of artistry and craftsmanship at the highest level.

(top to bottom: Silver and Pink Quartz ring $1,900, 22ct Gold & Peridot Kimono ring $5,110, 24ct Gold Lemon-Quartz ring $1,770)


Asos‘ spring lookbook has sprung and we’re jonesing to channel it’s surf-inspired vibe. The collection of sporty neoprene rompers, palm tree printed dresses, pastel jumpers, oversized sweatshirts, and round framed sunnies is totally tubular . . . dude.


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