DIY Tepee Poles

Last November Lauren and I helped take down the 24 foot family tepee which permanently lives on my in-laws ranch. Per usual, the inner structure of the tepee was left standing through the winter, but after a few gnarly storms the poles were unfortunately wiped out and destroyed. So having finally found some warm weather, it was time to cut and peel new tepee poles! With 4 strong boys and 2 eager-to-help girls, 19 slender pine trees were cut, hauled, and peeled. Soon enough, the poles will dry and the tepee will be up just in time for summer!


Long Weekends

Memorial Day weekend is almost over and thus marks the beginning of summer Fridays, BBQs, crafting, outdoor concerts and weekend getaways. Vogue sent The Coveteur on assignment to find out what their favorite editors, photographers, and designers are packing for those summer weekend trips. I won’t be leaving home without my camera, DIY bracelets, pom pom maker, sunglasses, a super sized floppy hat, a book (tbd) and my new Zimmermann bikini. What about you?


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