The Turkish Coast

The only way to truly experience Turkey beyond Istanbul is to rent a car and see where the road takes you. From the Mediterranean in the South on up to the Aegean in the West, week two was the ultimate adventure: driving along the Lycian Way, making pit stops in the most charming port towns, imagining the lives that once occupied the ancient city of Ephesus and the many fascinating ruins, swimming in the warmest, saltiest and most pristine waters, standing dumbfounded in front of the eternal fires of Chimera, hopping on boats to explore multiple secluded beaches . . . and admitting that I might have gone a bit overboard with the kilim and ceramic purchases. Next stop, Greece!


Guest Post: One Of Each, Please?

by MISS MOSS (Part 5 of our Miss Moss Guest Series)

I tend to swing between obsessing over shoes and obsessing over bags – at the moment I’m in a bag phase, mostly due to the fact that my trusty black leather handbag that I have been using and abusing for the better part of a decade is starting to fall apart. It pains me that I will have to part with it soon, but it’s also fun to browse for a replacement. I’ve recently been getting lost in Etsy, and have discovered some amazing independent designers and shops whose bags I would happily use and abuse. One of each, please?

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