I was instantly captivated by The Avett Brothers‘ new video for their song Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise, which addresses the temporary nature of our mentality, buildings and the world around us. Artist Jason Ryan Mitcham brought their vision to life by altering a single painting 2600 times–10 alterations to the painting equaled one second of film. Amazing.


“Growing up in Seattle in the early 90’s Chris Benz spent time in his grandmother’s attic carefully sorting through antique jewelry and fifties-era dolls,” and I am so glad he did. Isn’t his resort 2011 collection so granny-chic?

(images from here)


The bag, the effortless bun, the orange polish, the dress and kaftan all are all awesome reminders that summer isn’t quite over yet. But what I’m especially crazy about is the thin gold chain hanging from her sunglasses. Whatever its proper name is (croakie, chum, strap or retainer), let’s just call it understated and totally chic.

(images from Vanessa Jackman)

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