DIY Beaded Button Down Shirt

I immediately did a double take after spotting this shirt with baubles stitched down the “placket,” which I just recently learned is the term used to describe the middle section of a button down shirt. Honestly? Placket?! In any case, it’s an easy DIY and the most brilliant way to add a bit of texture and pizazz to any shirt!

 You’ll need:

  • a button down shirt
  • a mix of metal, plastic or glass beads
  • a needle fine enough to fit through the beads
  • thread


Q Is For Quail

A few weeks ago as I was looking for bridesmaid dresses, Suzanne from Spanish Moss recommended that I check out Quail. Funny enough the link to the bridal collection wasn’t working but I fell in love with their ready to wear collection. It’s very 90s with a modern twist – especially with the crushed velvet, overalls, and baby doll dress!


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