Next Stop Atlantic

In 2000, the NYC Transit authority joined forces with an artificial reef building program, dropping stripped and decontaminated subway cars off barges into the Atlantic Ocean. These barren hulls would soon become colonized, providing refuge for several fish and crustacean species. Photographer Stephen Mallon chronicled the grand endeavor with a series of stunning yet haunting photographs as these iconic New York City figures made their way to their last stop: the Atlantic Ocean.



Last week, Lauren took me to her favorite army surplus store and I came this close to buying an amazing oversized vintage rucksack. She scored some pins and patches. I walked away with a hat and spent the rest of the day regretting passing on the bag. Don’t you hate it when that happens?! And now after seeing this military inspired editorial from Marie Claire Italia, I’m definitely going back . . .

(Marie Claire Italy March 2011; images from here)

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