Bohemian Rhapsody

Free People has done it again with their April catalog. Filled with airy skirts, ballerina inspired maxis, colored cut-off shorts, woven bags and tribal jewelry, the catalog and its bohemian stylings has us excited for Spring. Make sure you check out our last guest post over on their blog. It was such an honor to be able to work with a company that both Erica and I grew up loving.

(images courtesy of Free People)

DIY Box Braid Necklace

The moment we saw Phillip Lim‘s Box Braid Collar Necklace, we were immediately overcome with a wave of nostalgia. Our memories of a neon, plastic box braid lanyard was suddenly transformed into a sophisticated leather jewelry component. Honestly, brilliant! Inspired by our fondness of Lim’s necklace and our love of utilizing hardware, we made our own interpretation of a box braid necklace. And in case you forgot how to make your favorite childhood summertime craft, take a trip down memory lane with us!

You’ll need:
– 12 yards of micro-fiber faux suede (we highly recommend using micro-fiber suede because it’s super soft, flexible and easy to work with)
– 4 rubber bands
– an assortment of small, medium and large washers.


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