In his ongoing project, Dispatchwork, artist Jan Vormann uses Legos to repair damaged walls. He started by patching up surfaces in Bocchigano, Italy and has since used the same technique on walls in urban cities like Tel Aviv, Berlin, New York City, Basel, St. Petersburg and more. Honestly…genius.

Tick Tock

Carine Roitfeld has taken the grandfather out of the pocket watch, making it modern and chic in this editorial for Vogue Paris. I would love to hang one from my handbag. Would you wear a pocket watch?

(top image from here, bottom left to right: Hermes Arceau Moonphase Retrograde Pocket Watch, Charles Hubert Gold-Plated Mechanical Pocket Watch $115 Charles Hubert Mechanical Pocket Watch $105, Gino Franco Stainless Steel Black Dial Pocket Watch $100)


The Sartorialist did not remember the name of the the street in Madrid where this photo was taken and I am not surprised. I lived there and could probably only remember a handful of street names! I am envious of this Madrileña’s legs, intrigued by her layering, and in love with her perfectly worn in Amazona Loewe bag, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.

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