Loeffler Randall x Flower Girl DIY

To kick off the holiday season, Loeffler Randall is collaborating with impassioned and creative women for a series of DIY projects. First up is Denise Porcaro, the owner of New York City based Flower Girl, who is sharing her tips how to make a living succulent wreath. Honestly, WTF – I love this! A fan of succulents, this is my kind of project and definitely something I would even consider hanging on my front door all year long. Check out the full instructions here. P.S. How badly do you need a pair of grey boots this winter?!



If your a fashion enthusiast and a literature or history buff (gasp!), I hope you’re already familiar with Textbook, where our friend and fellow blogger John Januzzi imagines how fictional heroines, cultural icons, and historical figures might be styled for this day and age. Characters like Jay Gatsby, Veruca Salt, Joan of Arc, and Tinkerbell are playfully dissected and outfitted with individualized runway pieces. The collages are meticulously assembled and the captions are witty. All in all, it’s honestly genius. He even takes requests! So dear John, what would Jo March wear?

(images from top to bottom: Viola of Twelfth Night & Mr. Ripley of Talented Mr. RipleyHoward Roark of Fountainhead & Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones; Cinderella & Cruella Deville of 101 Dalmations)

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