Long Weekends

Memorial Day weekend is almost over and thus marks the beginning of summer Fridays, BBQs, crafting, outdoor concerts and weekend getaways. Vogue sent The Coveteur on assignment to find out what their favorite editors, photographers, and designers are packing for those summer weekend trips. I won’t be leaving home without my camera, DIY bracelets, pom pom maker, sunglasses, a super sized floppy hat, a book (tbd) and my new Zimmermann bikini. What about you?


Rubbish Rainbows

Liz Jones creates wonderfully simple collages out of discarded plastic she finds along beaches and rivers, making other people’s trash her treasure. And speaking of plastic, if you are in the mood for a great documentary, I highly recommend Bag It. I saw it last Fall at a film festival and it changed the way I look at plastic forever . . . honestly.

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