Q Is For Quail

A few weeks ago as I was looking for bridesmaid dresses, Suzanne from Spanish Moss recommended that I check out Quail. Funny enough the link to the bridal collection wasn’t working but I fell in love with their ready to wear collection. It’s very 90s with a modern twist – especially with the crushed velvet, overalls, and baby doll dress!


For Every Occasion

Last night Erica and I were lucky enough to preview Free People‘s collection of 6 beautiful limited edition party dresses, each specially designed and handcrafted by a different in-house designer. Only 50 of each were made and starting today, they are available online. As soon as I saw the white dress with the blue and green details, I immediately sent an image to one of my dearest friends who is getting married in Puerto Rico next spring. She must wear this dress on her wedding day!


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