DIY Turband

Thanks to the lovely Geri of Because I’m Addicted, we’re sharing a second DIY with you this week! How excited are you?? Check out a clip from her first video episode, as part of a new project called Leaf, where she shows us 3 ways to tie a turband. It’s perfect for the beach, which is where I’ll be this weekend!


Feria de Sevilla is being celebrated this week in Spain. The fair dates back to 1847 and is usually held 2 weeks after Semana Santa or Easter. While I was living in Sevilla years ago, I witnessed the entire city shut down for a week of casetas, drinking, dancing, and processions down the streets. Everyone is dressed in their finest traditional wardrobe: women in their faralaes, peinetas and mantón de manilas, and men in trajes corto and cordobés hats. It’s a beautiful and festive sight!



Lover S/S 2012

With all of the phenomenal talent that is being cranked out of Australia and New Zealand recently, we’ve been keeing a close eye on Australian Fashion Week. The past few days have been spent swooning over Karla Spetic, Arnsdorf, Lisa HoBec & Bridge, and Zimmermann‘s covetable collections. But my favorite so far is Lover‘s romantic yet modern collection inspired by Chinese mythology. The delicate white, ivory, red and black lace ensembles make my knees weak! Simply dreamy . . .

(images from here and here)

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