Schier x Opening Ceremony

Who knew that desert boots, known in South Africa as velskoens or vellies, were first made in Namibia some 400 years ago? Schier Shoes has been producing vellies since 1935 and today, 8 local Damara artisans are responsible for carefully assembling every shoe by hand – turning out just 20 pairs a day. Opening Ceremony has collaborated with the brand to produce a selection of limited edition vellies, which include tufted springbok hide and leopard-print leather. I’m personally a huge fan of the suede versions with the neon capped toes!


A Mill House

Taking a tour of this Provence home, which was once a dilapidated 19th century oil mill, is like breathing a breath of fresh air. I love that the old characteristics were preserved and juxtaposed with modern and retro elements.


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