Last Paradise

Clearly, Formentera is where we’ll eventually need that second home that we so often dream about. A small Spanish island located near Ibiza, Formentera is known best for its pristine white beaches and beautiful white-washed and rustic homes. What an ideal setting for the perfect retreat, no?


DIY Tassel Bag Charm

Honestly, who doesn’t love tassels?! We adore them hanging from handbags, shoes, jewelry, and just about anything. So when we discovered that super soft, pre-cut leather fringe was so readily available to ship, we immediately whipped up a handful of danglers for our barren bags. After all, more is more is more! And of course you can make tassels using old fashioned method, but if you’re ever short on time this is a speedy and easy shortcut.

You’ll need:



A Peace Treaty‘s current collection, Solwara, was inspired by lost cities and legendary civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayan, and the tribes of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea. Rattlesnake tails, sharks’ teeth and bones are combined with semi-precious gems, like lapis lazuli, white agate and lava stone, and their signature antique finishing of brass. Stunning!


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